Invincible Website
This website was created to showcase the Invincible line of hoses in preparation for a trade show. The site is a quick splash page meant to convey a sense of strength to build the new brand. The logo was provided, but all other assets were custom designed. The project included several 3D renders, custom icon design, and web development using Adobe Muse.
January, 2016
Giftwrap Renders
These 3D renders helped our client to present their product line prior to having physical product.
May, 2016
Truffle Scene Render
This scene was created based on existing package design to convey a sense of warmth and nostalgia.
May, 2015
Loft 213 Product Visualization
3D modeling and rendering for a Truss brand. Images were created for use in a retail buyer sales sheet. Graphic design and product design were done by other team members.
July, 2015
Irish Dance CD Artwork
A storybook inspired approach to the intersection between Irish folk dance and music.
April, 2014
Chocolate Bite Visualization
I took an AI file of the proposed design (created by another team member), made it into a bump map, and applied it to the very simple product shapes. This method is useful for very quick visualization
July, 2015
Trade Show Brochure
I designed this brochure for use at a trade show. The objective was to create a more exciting look for a very corporate brand. The first image is a 3d visualization of the brochure.
November, 2014
Retail Package Visualization
This is a set of 3D renderings for use in promotional materials by retailers. The product model is from the production mold. The packaging was build using the actual die line, and the artwork was created by another team member at Truss. I wrote the copy for the package design and made some minor alterations to prepare the artwork for press
August, 2015
3D Clock With Video
This is a personal project I create to sell on the Blender Marketplace. I did all design, modeling, rigging and material setup from scratch.
July, 2015
World Folkfest 2015
This poster incorporates actual photos from the World Folkfest in a highly stylized visual meant to convey the excitement of the event at its best.
July, 2015
Tablet Renderings
3D tablet modeling and rendering for package design.
April, 2014
Merchandising Display
Fully rendered product and merchandising display, including renderings displayed on package design.
April, 2014
World Folkfest Website
A new website for the world folkfest. Complete re-skinning of template originally created in partnership with an agency colleague.
April, 2014
Supplement Renders
3D Renders based on provided label designs.
July, 2015
Custom Lettering
T-Shirt design element for the World Folkfest
August, 2015
Book Cover Design
The client approached me with a partially designed cover and asked me to bring it through to completion. Most of the existing elements had to be recreated. In the end, I feel this is a much stronger, more compelling approach.
September, 2015
Magazine Ad
This ad aims to create an established collegiate look with a personal, home remedy feel.
November, 2015
Sculptris Character Doodle
This is a quick Sculptris character doodle I did as an experiment. Fun tool. I may take it into blender and add detailed texturing and lighting. We'll see.
October, 2014
Holiday Container Concept Render
This is a 3D rendering based on a provided design for a product pitch.
May, 2016
Pot Concept Renders
Created an innovative node setup in Blender to generate highly realistic materials which determine the amount of texture wash to apply to different regions of the containers based on the pattern's height map. These renders need to be able to happen very quickly. With this setup I created, each of these images only takes 30 seconds to render.
October, 2014
Be Quiet
Inspired by the need for silence. Created in Blender. Select as the image of the day on the official site for Blender news,
October, 2014
Album Concept
This is a concept cover for a WIP album I am recording with my wife as the W Duo.
October, 2014
Chocolate Caramel Packaging Render
This render set was used to pitch a potential product and its related packaging design.
May, 2016
Promo Kit
A clever promo kit created for PlanPlus Online. The objective was to give them something impossible to ignore. I think we succeeded!
October, 2014
Pouch 3D Visualizations
The client needed high resolution, consistent images of each of the items in their new line for use on their website and in other marketing materials. I modeled a base pouch, scene and lighting setup and created renders using provided artwork for each of the items.
June, 2016
Product Rendering
This model was built using a physical prototype for reference. Final renders were used on the package design and in other promotional materials. Multiple images were created to illustrate the installation process.
September, 2015
Multi-Product Merchandising Display Render
This is a 3D rendering of a hypothetical display of Truss products. This was used to pitch the concept to retailers. My involvement is was in the modeling and rendering of most of all of the items. The display itself was modelled by another team member prior to handing it off, and all package and product design was pre-existing.
August, 2015
Seasonal Truffle Box Render
A 3d rendering used for packaging design visualization. The design for the box was done by another team member.
July, 2015
Sports Themed Display and Product Render
This display and product render were created to help showcase a product concept.
May, 2016
World Folkfest 2014
For this poster, I stylized actual photos from the event into a collage rich with color and movement to convey the essence of the words "cultural celebration".
October, 2014
World Folkfest 2013
Poster for the 2013 World Folkfest.
April, 2014
Logo Design and Animation
Logo animation for STEM Utah. A fellow team member did the excellent logo design.
April, 2014
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