Animated Corporate Video
October, 2017
Music Video
September, 2017
GRABBER - Logo Animation and Video Editing
I was tasked with creating an exciting Grabber intro as well as an intro for the series of training videos "Ask the Experts". Russ Wulf was responsible for all of the video editing as well, using provided footage and photographs.
February, 2017
MetaWave Animation
September, 2017
Humble Armpit Composition
VFX Composition
September, 2017
Smoke Sim
September, 2017
Corporate Video Animated Elements
Russ Wulf was tasked with animating several clips for use in a corporate video for Temkin International, using provided artwork. Russ Wulf conceptualized how to animate each clip in order to most effectively communicate the desired impact. This video was created by Truss (
November, 2016
Grabber Training Video
A product training video based on provided video footage, music, and a written script. Russ Wulf provided extensive 3D replacement for machinery, logos, tools, and a shot of the manual. These shots required 3D motion tracking, modeling, masking, and animation. Russ Wulf also provided the intro and outro sequences.
October, 2016
PARC Technology Video
For this project, I did all of the 3D animation, music composition, editing, text overlays, audio recording, and much of the custom video work and script editing. The project was done in conjunction with Truss (
September, 2016
Seguine Music Foundation Video and Music
I was tasked with creating this video from the ground up, including script writing, voiceover, music composition, animation, and editing.
February, 2017
3D Clock With Video
This is a personal project I create to sell on the Blender Marketplace. I did all design, modeling, rigging and material setup from scratch.
July, 2015
Tablet Renderings
3D tablet modeling and rendering for package design.
April, 2014
Logo Design and Animation
Logo animation for STEM Utah. A fellow team member did the excellent logo design.
April, 2014
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