Christmas Poster Design
November, 2019
MetaWave Animation
September, 2017
V-day Promo
For this valentine's day online ad, I modeled 3D spoons to make a heart shape and created custom vector art surrounding the text. The design is otherwise fairly simple and the full project was completed in under two hours.
February, 2017
Chocolate Covered Almonds
This product visualization was created for a Utah confectionery company. All work in this piece is original from the modeling of the bag itself to the creation of the CG almonds used on the tag artwork.
February, 2017
Seguine Music Foundation Video and Music
I was tasked with creating this video from the ground up, including script writing, voiceover, music composition, animation, and editing.
February, 2017
GRABBER - Logo Animation and Video Editing
I was tasked with creating an exciting Grabber intro as well as an intro for the series of training videos "Ask the Experts". Russ Wulf was responsible for all of the video editing as well, using provided footage and photographs.
February, 2017
Holiday Promo
November, 2016
Grabber Training Video
A product training video based on provided video footage, music, and a written script. Russ Wulf provided extensive 3D replacement for machinery, logos, tools, and a shot of the manual. These shots required 3D motion tracking, modeling, masking, and animation. Russ Wulf also provided the intro and outro sequences.
October, 2016
Scales of Justice
This project was done while working at Truss ( The client needed a brand identity that fit solidly into the world of established law firms. The primary objective was to create something that borrowed from timeless elements in order to appear established, while introducing subtle cues that would evoke a modern sensibility. The letters "M" and "T" can be seen in the square combining to create the scales of justice.
January, 2014
Invincible Website
This website was created to showcase the Invincible line of hoses in preparation for a trade show. The site is a quick splash page meant to convey a sense of strength to build the new brand. The logo was provided, but all other assets were custom designed. The project included several 3D renders, custom icon design, and web development using Adobe Muse.
January, 2016
World Folkfest 2013
Poster for the 2013 World Folkfest.
April, 2014
World Folkfest 2014
For this poster, I stylized actual photos from the event into a collage rich with color and movement to convey the essence of the words "cultural celebration".
October, 2014
World Folkfest Website
A new website for the world folkfest. Complete re-skinning of template originally created in partnership with an agency colleague.
April, 2014
Custom Lettering
T-Shirt design element for the World Folkfest
August, 2015
World Folkfest 2015
This poster incorporates actual photos from the World Folkfest in a highly stylized visual meant to convey the excitement of the event at its best.
July, 2015
Book Cover Design
The client approached me with a partially designed cover and asked me to bring it through to completion. Most of the existing elements had to be recreated. In the end, I feel this is a much stronger, more compelling approach.
September, 2015
Magazine Ad
This ad aims to create an established collegiate look with a personal, home remedy feel.
November, 2015
Irish Dance CD Artwork
A storybook inspired approach to the intersection between Irish folk dance and music.
April, 2014
Album Concept
This is a concept cover for a WIP album I am recording with my wife as the W Duo.
October, 2014
Trade Show Brochure
I designed this brochure for use at a trade show. The objective was to create a more exciting look for a very corporate brand. The first image is a 3d visualization of the brochure.
November, 2014
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