Music Video
September, 2017
Electronic Background Music for Video Presentation
This custom composition was created to serve as an ambient background track for a promo video about recent scientific advancements.
February, 2017
Seguine Music Foundation Video and Music
I was tasked with creating this video from the ground up, including script writing, voiceover, music composition, animation, and editing.
February, 2017
PARC Technology Video
For this project, I did all of the 3D animation, music composition, editing, text overlays, audio recording, and much of the custom video work and script editing. The project was done in conjunction with Truss (
September, 2016
What We Believe
This piece was modeled after a promo piece for a YouTube dance channel. A choreographer working with the local high school had choreographed a dance to the track, but the quality was very poor, with prominent static, some rough cuts, and balance issues, making it unfit to use in a public performance. Also, the words, especially toward the end of the piece started to sound too promotional and lost focus on the dance theme. I re-created the music and voice over, recording all of the parts myself using a combination of live and synthesized instruments. The end result is powerful and I'm excited to see how the dance comes together.
August, 2016
Custom Dance Solo Music
This is a custom dance solo track created for a talented competition dancer who wanted to stand out from the crowd. This piece is a very personal collaboration that shares those things she feels most passionately about. The dancer record her own voice for the project, which really helps to convey a sense of sincerity. It was a joy to work with her on this unique project.
August, 2016
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